NYC Runs and the Central Park Ekiden

New York City Ekiden

It’s been several months since NYC Runs held its first race in Riverside Park. As a favor for the organizer and figurehead, I snapped a bunch of photos of the Lousy T-Shirt Race. Since then NYC Runs has grown significantly. They even staged a pretty serious marathon in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park the weekend before Thanksgiving.

On Sunday, NYC Runs staged a Ekiden relay race in Central Park. Again, I brought my camera and shot photos of the relay race.

New York City Ekiden

Aside from the excitement of watching two- to four- person teams split the sixteen-mile course in Central Park, there was one funny moment. It was when one woman was trying to pass on her sash to her teammate. Unfortunately, she was wearing earphones and it came off with the sash. After a quarter minute or so, she managed to untangle the earphones from the sash but not before her iPod hit the pavement. There’s a lesson here, which I heard from many experienced runners: “don’t wear earphones in a race.”

If you stumbled here looking for your race results, check the NYC Runs Ekiden page for official information and results.

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