Dislocated Digit

Now We Splint

While playing softball in Central Park on Sunday, a ball hit on a line struck my right pinkie finger. As a pitcher, I am used to having balls coming towards me and, on occasion, hitting me. I have been struck in the stomach, on the legs, and even once on the head, but those impacts have not significantly injured me. But when I was hit with the on the hand, I immediately knew that this was a more serious impact those I’ve sustained in the past. My finger was crooked, swollen, and discolored. It was also bleeding.

The good news is that my finger was not broken. The tip of the pinkie finger sustained an open dislocation. The emergency-room doctor pulled it back into place, but because of the open wound, I had to take an intravenous dosage of antibiotics and have the wound cleaned. There is still a lot of pain, but it’s manageable as long as I don’t bang into something.

If you can stomach it, there is a gallery of the finger in all its dislocated glory.

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