Wishing List

Buying me presents, either for Bastille Day or Christmas, is an ideal way to feel great about yourself. I have wish lists at the following stores:

Tom Bihn. As I own a few of their backpacks and travel bags, I’m always looking for ways to supplement these bags to carry everything in an organized manner. Their products are a bit expensive, but it’s absolutely worth it: everything is made in US, usually at their Seattle headquarters, and everything is incredibly well-made. Artisans before that was a thing.

Amazon. For about as long as I can remember, I have maintained an Amazon wish list with some goodies that I haven’t bought for myself.

Jet Pens. Over the summer of 2014, perhaps sensing that my life was about to get really complicated, I began using pens and pencils, writing out things in long hand into European notebooks as a way to go back to manual writing. This store seems to have everything a pen/pencil/paper nerd could want.