Me in My Native Habitat

Me, basically, in one photo.


I currently live near a Superfund site in New York City with my two bikes and four backpacks. I enjoy long-distance cycling, playing softball, following baseball, snapping photos, frequent flying, eating too much, drinking brown beverages, and brewing coffee like a hipster. I also am a bit of junkie for digital gadgets and the news. And I watch too much TV and not enough movies.

Media Scholar

Having visited only once on a trip in my senior year of high school, I enrolled at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and found that studying film was an intriguing way to study history and so began my fascination with the past, technology, art, culture, and writing.

Some years ago, I moved to New York to earn my graduate degrees at the storied Cinema Studies department at New York University. Having earned a masters degree, I started working on my doctorate but never finished. My research interests once included history of film, television and digital media, broadcasting policy, and the development of media technology.

I have taught several courses on film and media at Fordham University, Lincoln Center, CUNY Queens College, and Pratt Institute.

For more about my academic work, including my Curriculum Vitæ, visit my professional site at https://juanmonroy.com.


Over the years, I’ve evolved into the very “weekend warrior” cyclist that I used to abhor and ridicule. After riding just about every weekend over the past decade , I totally get the appeal.

Here are my three most recent, significant rides:

Activities for JuanMonroy


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