The LIC Rock

Years ago, I came across a giant rock north of 44th Drive in Long Island City. I was alone on my bike, and I didn’t take a picture of it. I promptly forgot where it was, and when I tried to tell people about it, I couldn’t provide a specific location.

LIC Rock

Today, LIC Spot wrote a brief piece on it:

10,000 years ago we had slow-paced glaciers in Long Island City. And it turns out that some of those glaciers started melting and depositing these giant boulders throughout their path called “erratics”.

LIC Spot locates the rock (or “erratic” to be more precise) on the corner of 43rd Ave and 12th St, in Long Island City.

I didn’t think much of the “LIC Rock” until I saw someone in the neighborhood wearing a t-shirt bearing the rock’s likeness and perhaps even identifying it as the “LIC Rock”. Maybe I should make that my new t-shirt project.

(Tip of the hat to Sarah for sending me the link.)

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