EVSA All Star Game Pays Tribute to Beloved Umpire


As the East Village Softball Association has done for the last fourteen years, the league’s best players got together for the annual All Star Game and home run derby. This year’s game however was a little different because we used the game to honor longtime umpire, Nelson Troche, who stepped down from his umpiring duties late last year. From now on, the annual All Star Game will be named in his honor.

Nelson came to the field on an oppressively hot day and once he was in sight, he received a standing ovation from every player on the field. He was hugged by several players, and after a few minutes to greeting him, he came to the middle of the field, and threw out the ceremonial first pitch. It didn’t matter that it came just before the bottom of the second inning.


Nelson saw a good deal of the game from the American Division bench, but he left before the conclusion of a hard-fought and close game. The Nationals held on to beat the Americans, 4-2, in a nine-inning softball game.

It was a little hard to see Nelson in his weakened state, but it appears that his spirits were lifted by visiting the field he presided over for 14 years. It was worth taking the day off work to see him.