Not All Ebooks are Created Equal

ebrary book

I lost a book that I needed for research, and it’s checked out of my library. They do however offer access through as an electronic book, but it’s through the web based Ebrary service. It’s almost unreadable.

First, the interface requires you to be connected online so you can read it offline. Second, the text is way too small to read at 100%. You basically have to read it at 200% to be able to sustain reading for any particular amount of time. Third, if you try reading it on any screen that’s not at least 1200 pixels high, then you can’t fit the whole page. And if you’re reading a book on an iPad, something that ebrary touts, then you are out of luck because you can’t scroll. It’s just an example of poor HTML coding and failure to adhere to web standards.

I am going to continue the search for my lost paperback or recall it from someone.

Update: You can actually scroll on an iPad. You have to swipe on the contents section on the right of the text. It’s not the most intuitive gesture since you’re use to swiping on the actual content not the side of it.

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