iOS UDIDs and the FBI

As you might have heard, hackers have released one million iOS device identifications to let the public know that the FBI Blue, for some reason, is in possession of these codes for reasons that are unclear. These codes represent a healthy sample of the over 12 million IDs that Antisec say they found on the hacked FBI computer.

Antisec posted the IDs online, and I checked against their list. None of my current iOS devices appeared on the list, but that doesn’t mean my devices are not part of the other 11 million devices.

Whether my devices appear on this list or not is hardly my biggest worry. If true, I am seriously concerned about who provided these IDs to the FBI, why the FBI has these IDs, and how the FBI were going to use them. That’s a lot of unanswered questions.

Meanwhile, the FBI has issued a public statement about these UDIDs, and the Commons are working to identify the source of these device IDs.


According to NBC News, it appears that the source of the UDIDs was a company called Blue Toad, not the FBI as Antisec has claimed.

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