Free Lunch from Fordham is a Phishing Scam

Today, many of us at Fordham University received this email.

From: Gerald Hines <>
Thank you, for a job well done!
We’ve had some remarkable successes at Fordham over the past year and we want to thank all of the people who made that possible.
To show our appreciation for all of your hard work, we are providing lunch for all employees.
To order your lunch, please click here and log in to the web site by May 24th, 2013. Make sure that you complete the form in its entirety to ensure your lunch is delivered to you. You will be able to choose from a collection of sandwiches and salads as well as your choice of sides and dessert. You can even choose the time of day to have your lunch brought to you!
Again, thank you for all of your hard work!
Gerald Hines
Employee Benefits Specialist

When you follow the link, you’ll find that it asks you to enter your Fordham ID credentials, username and password. I checked the email header, and I found that the message originates from the domain It’s another phishing test. There is no free lunch.

I’m not amused by this tease. After going six weeks without pay this semester and not receiving a single word of apology, I’m not surprised that Fordham wouldn’t offer us a free lunch after benefitting from our hard work.

This phishing test is like a school in the summer: there is no class.

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