First Climbathon

On Saturday, I rode Richard Rosenthal’s celebrated Climb-a-thon through the New York Cycle Club. It was a tour of five notable hills in Bergen (New Jersey) and Rockland (New York).

Those climbs included:

First RR Climbathon

  • River Road (actual name is Hudson River Drive) and its .75 mile ascent to the Palisades Interstate Police station in Alpine, New Jersey.
  • a loop down to Snedens Landing in the town of Palisades, New York, to glimpse the priceless views of the Hudson, and right back up via a steep, winding road.
  • Bradley Parkway and Tweed Boulevard, a continuous climb through Blauvelt State Park that according to local legend is haunted.
  • Tallman Mountain Road that connects Tallman State Park, Route 9W, and the town of Piermont, New York.
  • Eisenhower Drive (affectionately known as “Ike”) in Demarest, New Jersey. I rode this back in June, and I distinctly remember as part of the climb through “Presidents streets.”

Well, I got dropped. Not because of the climbs because of the flats. The group had been advertised as a 18-mph ride. I was a little slower than that, just shy of 17, but whoever was pulling the group was going around 20. Keeping up with that would have been almost impossible for me. One rider also objected to this fast pace. He and I rode on our own and kept a respectable pace, doing about 18-19 on the flats, and about 4-5 on the really steep climbs.

My plan today was to follow up the climbing with a ride from Poughkeepsie to Ellenville to Beacon, where I would meet up with friends, much like I did on Bastille Day. But I was too damn tired. Not only did I burn out on those flats, I didn’t do a “good recovery” by playing softball and going to a friend’s late-summer BBQ. But it’s Saturday, and I didn’t want to spend it only drinking a protein shake.

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