Buy My Awesome Macro Lens [Update: Sold]

Canon EF-S 60mm Macro for Sale

Once again, I am pruning my lens collection to make room for other awesome lenses in the near future. Up for sale is a Canon EF-S 60mm USM macro lens. My ambitions to master product photography, especially shooting Sarah’s jewelry collection, didn’t turn out to be the all-consuming hobby that I had anticipated.

Macro lenses obviously excel at shooting really close up and at shooting small objects, like coins and insects. In my case, I used it to shoot coffee brewing.

Coffee Brewing

Macro lenses can also be used for shooting distant objects. At the recommendation of a professional photographer, I used my macro lens to photograph the annual Manhattanhenge event from Long Island City.

Manhattanhenge from Long Island City

I’m not exactly sure what the advantage is of shooting distant objects using a lens designed for shooting close-up, but the photos were pretty great.

Much like I did with selling my 35mm lens, I’m willing to sell it in person or online. If you are in the New York area and are shopping for a Canon EF-S 60mm macro lens, contact me and we’ll set up a meeting. If you prefer to shop through Amazon, I have listed the lens there too.

Update: The lens sold last night.

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