Daylight Savings Ride

Pocantico Hills

Today is the first day of our clocks reverting back to Standard Time. There’s a lot of opposition to Daylight Savings Time and ending it once and for all, but I actually enjoy it and wish we could observe it year round. Those of us living on the eastern edge of Eastern Time can get more out of the day if it sunset would be after 5:00 PM. In other words, make our Standard Time one hour later.

As Daylight Savings Time ends, so does the opportunity for eight-hour bike rides away from the city that require morning train rides. Even if the weather holds up, the days are getting shorter and our rides must also accomodate the dwindling daylight. In short, any ride must end by 3:30 or so because by 4:30, it’s already too dark to ride safely without lights.

Pocantico Hills

For this final Saturday of Daylight Savings, I joined two other club members for a ride east of the Hudson River. The ride started in Central Park and headed up to the Bronx and Yonkers then along US–9 until Irvington. After that we headed up to Pocantico Hills[1], but didn’t stop at Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Not only is it hard to get a reservation, but they don’t have a place to stash our bikes.

Down Bedford Road

From there we headed to Croton Falls to stare at the dam. This is not the same place I visited back in the spring and again along my heat stroke ride to Cold Spring, but it’s still very nice. It made for a nice rest before heading up to Carmel[2].

Dam That's Nice

The eighteen-mile stretch from Carmel to Cold Spring, along NY–301, is one many cyclists know well. It has a nice seven mile stretch of rolling hills along the beautiful West Branch Reservoir and then you climb for about five miles. Once you reach a peak after passing lovely Canopus Lake, you coast downhill for about six miles into Cold Spring. That last part is fun as you reach top speeds around 40 mph and make that satisfying six-mile descent in about 15 minutes.

At Last Cold Spring!

  1. I confirmed that it’s pronounced Po (as in “Po-Boy Sandwich”) -Can (as in “cannery”) -Ti (as in “tin”)- Co (as in “cord”).  ↩

  2. Unlike the Carmel in California, this is pronounced Car (as in “carpet”) and Mole (as in “molar”).

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