He’s All Grown Up, Now

Each year, Maker’s Mark, a subsidiary of Beam Inc., sends its ambassadors a little Christmas gift. The gift we’ve used the most was a set of ice sphere trays, giving new meaning to bourbon balls. Back in 2011, they sent their loyal customers an “ugly Christmas sweater” that fit its 750-ml bottles of bourbon. I didn’t have a full-sized bottle at the time so instead I put it on a pint-sized, 375-ml bottle.

Maker's Mark bottle wearing a sweater

The Makers Mark Ambassador gift from 2011: “He’ll grown into it someday.”

This year, while shopping at a liquor warehouse in Lexington, Kentucky, we saw that same sweater. Both the bottle and the sweater it was wearing, however, were much bigger.

Makers Mark Christmas Sweater

An “ugly Christmas sweater” Makers Mark display at a Liquor Barn in Lexington, Kentucky.

Is it too late to print Christmas cards?

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