This… or a Backpack

No one appreciates a beer after a long bike ride more than I do, but I can wait until I find a pub where I will draw the irritated gazes of the patrons as I walk in wearing spandex, an unflatteringly tight bike shirt, and clicky shoes. But not everyone is so patient:

Some bike rides end with stretches and a cold shower. Others end up in the park, where you don’t even take off your helmet before breaking open some brewskis with friends. This 6-Pack Bike Bag is designed for the latter. Though its over the frame, six-compartment design could probably be used to tote your post-workout water stash, that’s not what Donkey had in mind.

Timbuk2 makes one that will at least keep your beer cold. In either case, remember a pint is a pound the whole world ’round.

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