Kaffeologie S Filter

Over a year ago, shortly after joining the Aeropress coffee brewers cult, I bought a permanent, metal filter for my Aeropress from Kaffeologie. At the time, they were selling a version of their S filter that was stitched on one side and supported by a metal ring on the other. It turns out that was a flawed design because after a few uses and cleanings, the stitching broke and the mesh filter began to peel back. It was disheartening to order this filter, anxiously await its arrival, only to have it break after three days.
Kaffeologie S Filter (old design)

In April 2013, I posted a review on Amazon about the filter, and someone from Kaffeologie who saw the review sent me a replacement. But it wasn’t just another flawed filter. This one had been redesigned with two steel rings to keep the mesh secure. After using it off and on for several months, I can report that this new design is a tremendous improvement because it still works. The rings do in fact offer greater support, and the mesh is still intact.
Kaffeologie S Filter (May 2013 Redesign)

Apparently, the staff at Kaffeologie actively searches for dissatisfied customers. (They found me on Flickr last night.) They also took the time to send me their redesigned filter, free of charge. Color me impressed.

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