Outdoor Cartoon Carnival at City Reliquary

As a fan of summer and of movies, you would think that I would be a huge fan of outdoor movies. I am not. Usually, the films screened at these events are crowd-pleasing hits that I have either seen already or could easily watch on a cable TV network or a streaming service. And because this is New York, it’s usually a struggle to secure space for you and your picnic blanket.

The one outdoor summer screening series that was an exception to this was the one at Socrates Sculpture Park. The series catered to Queens’s status as the most diverse borough of New York City.1 Not only did they screen a variety of international movies, some curated by Film Forum, they paired local eateries serving the native cuisine of the film’s country. Except for that one time they inexplicably paired German würsts with a Russian film, less than seventy years after the conclusion of World War II.

If you want to see the series at Socrates, you’re too late. It wrapped on Wednesday.

But tomorrow, Saturday, August 29, you can go to Williamsburg for a unique outdoor film experience. Thomas Stathes, the man responsible for the Cartoons on Film DVD collection I plugged earlier this month, is programming an Outdoor Cartoon Carnival at the City Reliquary. And as a bonus, all the films at this screening will be from 16mm film prints.

While there’s no bike valet, it’s also certainly not E.T.. It’s fine movie, but I’ve seen it a few times.

Outdoor Cartoon Carnival #35

  • Saturday, August 29
  • The City Reliquary, 370 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn
  • $10.00

  1. I have no idea if this is actually true. 

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