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Juanomatic.net is Dead…. Long Live Juanomatic.net

Say goodbye to the  old Juanomatic.net website. A new site is coming!

In the last few days, I’ve decided to completely redo this site, migrating from a site where I documented many of my misdeeds to something a little more grown up. Also, this has enabled me to finally abandon Movable Type as the site’s CMS to Word Press, which is something I should have done years ago. (Word Press is so much better!)

In the coming weeks, I’ll be making many changes to this site and maybe even trying to resurrect some of the more popular parts of the old site, such as the photo gallery and the softball blog.

Thanks for your support over the years. And now that I am getting something more to my liking (and appropriate for my 30s), I’ll be bringing a spiffy new site.