3rd Party iPhone Charger Takes 3 Tries

Non-Functioning iPhone charger

A week ago I bought a third-party iPhone charger from my new favorite online cables/parts/accessories supplier, Monoprice, that cost less than $4.00. I wanted one to keep at the office that would charge my phone and that the other folks at the office could use, too. So I ordered three of them so I would have one just about anytime I needed one.

Well, I got the chargers over the weekend, but when I tried to charge my phone, it wouldn’t charge for more than five minutes. I tried the other charge, figuring that if this thing retailed for $4.00, it likely cost $0.40 to make and quality control might be lacking. The second one had the same problem. Damn! The phone charges fine with the OEM charger and through my MacBook Pro’s USB so we can deduce that the iPhone is capable of taking a charge.

<pSo as a “hail mary,” I brought the third charger with me to work, and guess what? It works. It has fully charged my iPhone and I’ve been listening to it most of the day. Well, go figure.