Riding to Montauk

This will be a running log of my third time riding the annual Montauk Century. This year will be different because it will actually be a nice day, unless last year’s ride where it rained for the first seventy five miles of the ride and unlike 2008, where I was in some sort of riding shape.

10:50 PM: Alarm is set for 3:00 AM, and I’m missing three rather important early-season softball games. But I know this will be worth it.

4:24 AM: Checked in at Penn Station. Looking a little bleary eyed.


10:27 AM: Reached the 50-mile rest stop in fairly good time. I had a bit of a delay with a flat tire but I caught up with a fairly speedy rider who pulled me and helped me catch up to my pace. Although it now seems unlikely that I’ll finish by 2:00. Oh well. Serves me right for sitting on my ass all spring.

10:42 AM: Sarah just caught up to me as I was about to leave….


2:50 PM: Made it to the finish line. It’s not quite “The End” but it is as far as the train goes. Again not quite the seven hours I was hoping for but it was still pretty good for doing a ride off the couch. And now I hurt… Ouch!