Yes, it works. Except for the one time I needed it

Macworld finally got around to reviewing the “Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod” application for iOS. It has indeed been really cool to have when I can’t find my phone, and I am pretty certain that it’s either at home or where I was last. But the one time I really needed it was when I lost my iPad on the way from Los Angeles to Washington, DC.

I tried to use “Find My iPad” but there were three problems.

  1. First, I had switched it off, as your supposed to do when flying below 10,000 feet.
  2. Second, there was a passcode for the device so even when someone turned it on, it wouldn’t do anything. I also had it set to “self-destruct” if someone incorrectly entered the passcode ten times.
  3. Third, I had turned off both the WiFi and 3G antennae so even if someone had turned on the device, it would not be on the networks.

It’s safe to assume that whoever found it just wiped it and has been using it since or has been sold somewhere.

Oh well.