Synching More than One Calendar From Our New NYU-Google Apps Thingy

For those of us still adjusting to NYU’s migration from our in-house mail and calendaring systems to those hosted by the everyone’s favorite technology behemoth and personal data farm, it’s been a little tricky to get our mobile devices to synchronize with our mail and calendars. But hey, if every other company uses Google Apps, why can’t we?

Actually, I found myself liking the transition. I now actually use the calendar and the Office-like apps have been pretty handy, especially on my iPad.

However, my biggest challenge since the migration has been getting more than my default calendar to appear on my iPhone and iPad. I was really pleased to see that in today’s New York Times technology section, they offered a solution to my problem. Well kind of.

What the article failed to mention was that we can’t access our Google Apps settings using Google’s default settings page. We have to do it through our host domain. For those of us, at NYU, we have to visit a different page. But once you navigate there, authenticate yourself, it’s just a matter of clicking the right boxes. After that, you have to have your iOS device remove your Google hosted calendars from your device. (Don’t be scared, it’s in the CLOUD.) Add your calendars anew, and a few moments later, your calendars will appear on your device.