A Short Tour of the Merchants House Museum


Earlier today, during my lunch hour, I joined my mom for a tour of the Merchant’s House, a house that is basically intact since it was built in 1832 and lived in since the 1870s. We went there since we wanted to visit old homes and museums, and this one fit the bill. It is also a museum I had never visited, despite living here for ten years.

The museum holds a daily tour at 2:00 PM, which my mom and I had arrived in time to join, led by a docent. But today, the regular docent was unable to come in to work due to the flooding from Irene so we had an incredibly knowledgable guide. She knew a lot, and unfortunately, since I was on my lunch hour, I had to leave well before the tour had ended (or even reached its third room). I left the tour for a few minutes and quickly went up and down the stairs into each room to shoot a bunch of pictures.

My mom got her fix of old homes where the now-dead once lived and walked, but she didn’t get to see any ghost.

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