Game 8: Another Washout

As it wasn’t bad enough that eight inches of rain washed out the playoffs for the Ball Busters yesterday, none of the ball fields in Central Park will open today so we’re not playing that game tonight.

So instead of playing seven to eight games in as few as four days, I ended playing four games in one, two, three days. That wasn’t too grueling now that I think about it. I did get a pretty bad rug turf burn at the end of the first game on Friday. I aggravated the scrape on Saturday when I slid into first base (don’t ask) and my sliding pad came off. Now it wasn’t just a scrape but a full-fledged cut with dirt from McCarren Park. Ugh!

Now I get three more days without softball. I next play on Thursday, a double-header for the Librarians as we take on Professor Thom’s, a very tough team. Maybe there will be new shirts at the game.

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