Games 2 & 3: Librarians vs. Juicy Lucy

On the second day of Weekend of Softball, the Librarians played a home-away double header against Juicy Lucy. Juicy Lucy is one the league’s best teams, a certain “final four” contender, and last year’s champions.

We played very poor in the first game, and in fact, should have won. There were some key defensive errors and a couple of costly base-running blunders, but my poor play at second base basically cost us the game. I was having a very hard time making even the most routine plays. We lost the game 13-8, wasting a solid pitching effort by Kevin.

I was going sit to let Kevin pitch the second game because I was feeling down about being so bad in the first game, but he convinced me that I should take the ball. It was one of my better pitched games, scattering a handful of hits, and getting a lot of fly outs. The game ended with a dramatic flourish. We came into the bottom of the seventh leading by two runs. The leadoff hitter hit a triple and scored on a single by the next batter. The next two batters are a bit of a blur, but we got them both out. The next batter hit a double, putting runners on second and third with two outs. The tying run was at third, and the winning run on second. Once that happened, I decided to intentionally walk the cleanup hitter and load the bases. The next batter, the team captain and a very good hitter ended up taking a first pitch strike, swinging at and missing the second, and ultimately hitting a pop-up in foul territory that our first baseman caught for the final out. The final score as 3-2.

We were very down after losing the first game, but winning the second in such dramatic fashion was a big boost for the team’s morale.

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