Robots Have Our Cake and Eat it, Too!


After rescheduling it a few times since the end of the softball season, the Robots finally celebrated winning our first McCarren Park Softball championship with a party at our favorite bar, the Gibson. The party was pretty subdued, mostly because we had an impromptu happy hour reunion the night before. But unlike the night before, there were gifts, and there was cake.


Shortz bought us a cake that had a first birthday candle on it, presumably to note that this was our first league championship. One of the nicer gifts was that Jen bought Shortz, Petemo, and I a set of robot ice cube trays. The Chillbots are awesome because they consist of a robot ice cube and a windup key for the back. The packaging exclaims, “It’s time to unwind.” What a delicious pun!

The team management has assured us that this party was but a prelude to a holiday celebration, and there will be capes at this affair. Oh my….

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