NYC Runs Runs Amok on Old Welfare Island


On April 1, NYC Runs staged a ten-kilometer race on Roosevelt Island. Steve asked me to come over and take photos for this race, hoping that I would shoot photos from the Central Park Ekiden in February. After finally clearing a bunch of to-dos from my list, I have processed some of the photos from that day.


I have to admit that these are not very great shots. During that weekend, I was not very mobile due to a painful ingrown toenail that hobbled me for the better part of a year. Consequently, I basically sat or stood in one spot and snapped shots as runners scurried past my camera. Most of the shots were of runners crossing the finish line. As a result, almost all of these shots are of runners reaching with one hand to turn off his/her stopwatch. The composition of most shots were similar, with the runner in the center of the frame, a consequence of relying on auto focus.

After I had shot the photos, Steve asked if there were any shots of the Manhattan skyline or of the tram. Unfortunately, because I shooting the runners crossing the finish line as I facing east towards Queens, most of the shots featured a power plant in Long Island City. Getting the tram would have been difficult, in any case, because I didn’t even see the tram while I was there. The only saving graces were a few shots of the Queensboro Bridge and of the FDR Drive in the background. I hope those help create a sense of the race’s location.

Anyway, I’m glad that my toe is feeling better and can move around.

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