Hulu Plus Arrives on Apple TV

Starting today, my Sony Blu-ray player, which was what we used to stream Hulu Plus on my HDTV, will join my DVD player and VHS recorder as electronic bricks because Hulu Plus arrives on Apple TV.

Since 2009, I have watched a total of three Blu-ray disks at home, and although they looked beautiful, there was never an easy supply of Blu-ray disks. At the time, there were not many Blu-ray titles available on Netflix, which also charged a $3 monthly surcharge for Blu-ray disks, and there were no remaining video stores in my neighborhood. Even today, the Blockbuster Express kiosks only carry a very small selection of Blu-ray titles.

Eventually, the Blu-ray deck became a streaming player for Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Amazon. Most of my Netflix viewing is with the Apple TV because of the better interface and much lower latency. The Blu-ray player will not start playing video for almost fifteen seconds, while the Apple TV (and Roku for that matter) are much faster.

Now, with Hulu available on the Apple TV, I can’t see myself using the Blu-ray player much after this. I mean, after all, why would I buy/rent video from Amazon if I can’t watch with my iPad?

If you wouldn’t mind, could you subscribe to Hulu Plus using my affiliate link? Thanks.

(Via Daring Fireball.)

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