Textbooks for Fall 2012 New Technologies Class

With the fall semester coming up less than two months away, I had to order the textbooks for my New Technologies class at CUNY Queens College.

The required readings for the course are…

I have kept most of the books from the Fall 2011 class but abandoned the textbooks in favor of creating an environment closer to that of a graduate seminar. To do that, I selected books that make specific and compelling arguments about contemporary digital media. I tried that last year, and we had some brilliant and engaging conversations. If I have to do any remedial explanations of how specific technologies work, such as explaining how the web works, I’ll do that in class as a lecture.

Although the book list might appear long (and expensive), these books are pretty easy read, and it is very easy to procure these books for a reasonable price on the used market. Students with ereaders can get every title for an average price of $10 each.

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