“Iron Man”


The Ball Busters celebrated our first championship yesterday, prevailing in three games. The league commissioner wrote a recap of the series, which I copied and pasted below. As you can see, I was named the “iron man” for pitching three games yesterday.

The Ball Busters have been a good team for a long time, but in the last six weeks, we went on a tear, scoring a ton of runs and playing great defense. At the end of the season, we finished in third place with the league’s best offense and the third-best run prevention. And yesterday, we beat the top ranked team of the season to win the league’s championship.

Ball Busters Win 2012 Heckscher Cup, 2 Games to 1 over Big Red Machine


Game 1:

Big Red Machine jumped out to a 3-0 lead early, then added 2 more runs and never were tested as they cruised to an easy 5-0 win.

Game 2:

Ball Busters found themselves trailing 1-0 but rallied for to take a 6-2 lead after 3 innings. Big Red Machine tied the game at 6, but the Ball Busters jumped ahead for good after BRM’s defense let in 2 runs in the bottom of the 6th. Final score Ball Busters 8-6.

Game 3

Big Red Machine seemed out of gas as they fell behind 6-2 and then 9-4 after 5 innings. Ball Busters added 3 more and behind the strong pitching of “Iron Man” Juan Monroy who pitched all 3 games, the BB’s finished off the BRM by a score of 12-5 to win their first ever LMSL Heckscher Cup!

Kudos both teams for an exciting 3 game Heckscher Cup Finals series and congratulations to the Ball Busters—the 2012 LMSL Heckscher Cup Champions!

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