Pratt Cancels the “Midterm Break”… then Reinstates It

This is my first semester at Pratt, and when as I was preparing my syllabus I learned of a “midterm break” that had been scheduled to coincide with Election Day on Tuesday, November 6. Due to Hurricane Sandy and the attendant cancellation of my class on Tuesday, October 30, they have cancelled the “midterm break” and now are requiring us to make up our Tuesday classes, including mine, on November 6.

Here’s the announcement:

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students:

Next Tuesday was originally scheduled as “Mid-Term Break” and no classes were to be held. This was to allow folks more time to vote.

However, due to our class cancellation this week, normally scheduled tuesday classes will be held on the Brooklyn Campus, Tuesday, November 6th.

Note that tuesday classes will only be held at PMC if power is restored and the building can reopen.

Future consideration will be given to other make up classes as we move forward.

The calendar committee will consider making “Election Day” coincide with our mid-term break in future years.

Peter Barna, Provost

Update: The break was reinstated on Thursday, November 2.

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