Crosby Connection Is Coming Back

Not quite two years ago, I saw the saddest tweet from the Crosby Connection.

The Crosby Connection was a literal hole-in-the-wall on Crosby Street, just south of Bleecker Street. Joey Cramarossa, the shop’s proprietor, made the freshest sandwiches, all made to order. The shop has, like just about any longtime resident in Manhattan, forced to move over the years.

I started eating at the Crosby Connection around 2001, and regularly went there for years until I moved out of Greenwich Village in 2008. I probably ate several dozen “Italian Stallion” sandwiches, among countless Meatball subs and various others. They moved around during my hiatus, installing themselves inside of Parisi Bakery, where they procured their bread, and at the now-shuttered Bleecker Street Theater. It was there that I found them in 2009, when I started working at NYU-TV, and I quickly became a regular there again. I even turned on a few co-workers to their sandwiches, but sadly, our go-to sandwich shop didn’t last much longer.

But last night…

According to their stream of tweets in the last few days, they will start as a catering operation, in time for the holidays, and aim to operate again some time in the new year.

I miss the Italian Stallion. Both the sandwich and Joey.

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