Queens College Changes it Address… to Queens

Although we are located in Flushing, Queens College has been serving all the people of Queens for 75 years. To reinforce this idea that Queens College is a resource for all the communities in our borough, the college’s address has undergone a small change.

Effective immediately, the college’s official address for all external postal mail is now 65-30 Kissena Blvd., Queens, NY 11367-1597. You should now use this address (and not Flushing, NY) for all outgoing mail and on any brochures, posters, or other printed matter. Please note that the full 9-digit zip code-11367-1597-must be used.

This is a good move. Although the college is geographically in Flushing, it did not feel to me like it is culturally in Flushing.

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