Spring Trained

My  B-STS group at the top of Little Tor Road

At first I didn’t think I was going be accepted, but in March, I began riding with the NYCC B-STS. I did miss two rides, as I had gone out of town those weekends, and we were rained out on our penultimate ride last Saturday.

This past Saturday, we finished our last ride. The challenging part of the ride was riding to the top of Little Tor Road, with a 0.9 mile climb at an average 10% grade, and following it with a mile-plus rolling jaunt on South Mountain Road.

But my biggest accomplishment on Saturday was catching up to the group. I overslept until 7:20 and was supposed to leave at 8:00 to meet my group at 8:30. I didn’t get out of the apartment until 8:22. And I realized I forgotten my wallet and had to go back to get it. Although there was no way I was going to make it in time to meet everyone at Sakura Park for an 8:45 departure, I kept going, figuring that at the very least I would ride on my own. At mile 25, I caught the group at a rest stop right before the climbing was due to start. Hurrah!

By the end of the day, I had logged 91 miles, and now I am in great cycling shape for the rest of the summer. And it’s not yet Memorial Day.

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