I Can Reed Again

I know a lot of people read to help them fall asleep. But I don’t know how I fell asleep or wasted time before the advent of an RSS reader. After trying a bunch over the years, the one that made me a true RSS junkie was Silvio Rizzi’s Reeder. It had a great interface: intuitive menus, beautiful typography, and quick-and-easy sharing to other services, like Twitter, Instapaper and Pinboard. It was my most frequently used iPad app.

But on July 1, it stopped working. Like many other RSS readers, Reeder worked only with Google Reader.

Ten weeks after the shutdown of Google Reader, Reeder is back and works with current RSS services, such as Feedbin, Feedly, Feed Wrangler, Fever, and other services whose names play on the word "feed."

When Google Reader was taken out back and shot in the head, I subscribed to Feedbin. It was the first service that Rizzi added to the iPhone version of Reeder version 1, and it was priced at $2 per month. (It’s now three dollars for new subscribers.)

Since then, I had been using Mr. Reeder, which has been a great substitute for Reeder. It works really well with Feedbin, and it even has amusing sound effects, such as a "bike bell" after your feeds are refreshed. But the interface is a bit cluttered, and although it’s hardly unpleasant to use, I really missed the simple, clean look of Reeder.

And now my loyal friend that follows me to bed is back.

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