Media Technologies, Fall 2013, Syllabus

The fourth and last syllabus I’ve posted is for Media Technologies at CUNY Queens College.

This is the very brief course description:

An overview of media technologies, including early writing and the printing press, the rise of mass culture, and the digital revolution.

Perhaps the reason the course description is so short is because, when I wrote it last spring, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to include in this course. It turns out that I had to cover a number of media technologies, even some that aren’t very technological, such as writing and language. Moreover, some of the media I covered include magazines, newspapers, and books. Those three overlap a great deal: all three are print forms, all three thrived in the industrial era, and all three contributed to the rise of mass culture in the nineteenth century. I wondered whether it was even possible to teach three separate classes on these three similar subjects.

The course covers other media and communications technologies such as the telegraph, telephone, radio, television, motion pictures, and finally digital media such as the Internet.


p>The course meets Mondays, from 6:30 – 9:20 PM.

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