Coffeed is Coming to Hunters Point

According to the local blog not run by an ideological nut, my favorite coffee place is opening an outpost in the new nearby park.

The owners of a popular Long Island City cafe will be opening a waterfront concession in Hunters Point South Park in January March. The new establishment will be called ‘LIC Landing by Coffeed’ and will be operated by the same eco-friendly team that owns Coffeed at 37-18 Northern Blvd.

Consider me excited.

It’s hard to have a favorite coffee place because I’m a home brewer, and my relationship with coffee places tends to consist of only shopping for beans or sipping the occasional espresso drink. As the owner of our local coffee king, Sweetleaf, said to me: the real coffee nuts (I’m paraphrasing) just brew at home. In other words, I don’t go to coffee shops lest I risk serious hyper caffeination. 

IMG 1045

Coffeed is one of those places I fantasize about going to, but as it is currently on Northern Boulevard, a very heavily trafficked thoroughfare in Queens, going there requires a fairly “exhilarating” bike ride. And there’s not even a bike rack. Consequently, I don’t get there too often. Coffeed not only serves coffee, but they roast it in Queens. And it’s good, certainly worth the $18 a bag they charge this coffee dork. Ask for a brewed cup, and it’s terrific. Want something less bitter? They’ll do a Hario pour-over, like just like any premium coffee shop does. But the unique thing about this place is that they have my two favorite brewing methods: the vacuum press for hot coffee, and the Japanese-style ice brewer for cold brew. I dream of having these contraptions but the thought of spending almost $100 or over $200, respectively, for something that is almost entirely glass makes me nervous.
My Broken Bodum Santos Siphon Coffee Maker
And with good reason. I broke my Bodum stovetop vacuum pot two years ago.

Did I mention they’ll serve sandwiches, smoothies, and beers? Bring on the fancy beans and brews.

(Via LIC Post.)

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