I Took an Online Course, and All I Got Was…

CUNY makes us all take an online course for Preventing Workplace Violence.

If there’s a person who looks forward to this kind of training, I’ve never met such a person because a lot of these trainings traffic in common sense. For example, did you know that if a co-worker begins yelling at you and raises a stapler in a threatening manner, you are not to grab for the scissors to defend yourself? No, instead we learn that we’re suppose to step back and let your agitated worker blow off steam. Chances are that your co-worker isn’t going to injure you but does indicate that there are some issues that need addressing.

The fruits of thirty-five minute online "class"

The university requires us to take this course each year by December 31. Deductive reasoning indicates that I last took this course back in 2012, although I don’t remember exactly when. I also can’t remember when I was first reminded to take this course, but this taking this class has sat as an action item in OmniFocus since May 29.

It’s also appropriate that as finals week now approaches, I can confidently say that I finished my exam well ahead of that year-end deadline.

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