Snow Daze

Snow in Central Park

Women and children in Central Park, undated photograph. Geographic File. New-York Historical Society # 67175

A seasonable, three-day weekend, where I could have gone for an overdue bike ride, has given way to an old fashioned winter storm. We’re supposed to get as much as a foot, although it could be significantly less, between now and daybreak tomorrow. The threat of all this snow has pushed some of my schools to begin closing for the day. And some are contemplating closing tomorrow, too.

  • Fordham closed at 1:00 PM today. A bit after 8:00 PM, they announced that they’re canceling Lincoln Center classes, starting before 4:30 PM. That includes my 8:30 AM class.
  • Although I am not teaching there this semester, I still get emergency alerts from Pratt. They will be closing today at 2:00 PM.
  • CUNY has decided to stay open. Thankfully, that won’t affect me. My first class doesn’t begin there until next Monday. Otherwise, I’d be facing a hellish commute.
  • That leaves venerable NYU, where I am currently occupying the basement in Bobst Library. For most of the day, NYU was hanging tough and determined to stay open. However, just before 3:30 PM, they announced that they were closing at 4:00 PM today. Although spring classes don’t start here until next week, they’re in the midst of J-Term. They were probably reluctant to cancel classes because it would be hard to make them up. They are, in fact, letting individual instructors make that determination.

Even if the storm isn’t that bad, it’s still hard to concentrate on anything other than the impending doom this storm is evidently causing.

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