Sorry, Silvio

Until a few months ago, I was a big fan of Reeder, Sivio Rizzi’s RSS client for Mac and iOS. The earlier iteration of those apps stopped working after Google shut down Reader last July. Once Google Reader was dead, I jumped to Feedbin as my new RSS reader, mostly because Rizzi’s Reeder for iPhone supported Feedbin.

As the summer days waned, Rizzi had not shipped new iPad or Mac versions of Reeder. Unwilling to read RSS feeds through a web browser, I searched for and discovered a couple of alternatives.

I chose these because they were well-received on their respective app stores and because both apps support Feedbin. They proved great apps for skimming my RSS feeds. I used Mr. Reader until September, when Rizzo shipped an updated version of Reeder for iOS. I gladly bought Reeder 2 and christened it my main RSS client. But then I started to miss some of the features of Mr. Reader, such as the collection of themes and fonts and even the bike-bell sound when it makes when my feeds were all updated. In an act of buyer’s remorse, I went back to Mr. Reader as my iPad RSS client.

On the Mac side, I stopped searching for news on Reeder for Mac, which, as of today, still has not been updated for the post–Google Reader era. Instead, I found another RSS client for the Mac: ReadKit. And I’m sticking to it.

Reeder was a great client for Google Reader, and after trying and buying way too many RSS apps, it was the only I loved to use. But months of waiting for updates made me receptive to some alternatives, and now I’m sticking with those.

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