Not Counting Calories

Someone I see often and is currently counting calories excitedly told me a “fun fact.” She said, “Did you know that those Natural Power-Fu eggless wraps have only 200 calories?”

Immediately, I remembered that Casey Neistat video, where he takes a sample of his diet to two food scientists. They run those foods through a calorimeter to determine whether the posted calorie counts at chain restaurants and on packaged foods are accurate.

The biggest discrepancy was one of those Natural Power-Fu sandwiches. The calorimeter detected about 300 more calories than what the label specifies.

An employee at the tofu sandwich company, whose sandwich had nearly double the number of calories the label stated, told me that he wasn’t sure how the company came up with the data. He said the company would look into it and, if it found results similar to mine, would change the information on its labels.

But they’re healthy calories, right?

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