El Mundial with an Antenna

Every cord cutter could resort to watching the World Cup games, en español, on Univision’s website. But starting after July 4, after the Round of 16, cord cutters had to find another way because Univision now requires viewers to authenticate with a cable TV subscription.

However, if you live in a major metropolitan area, you can watch the games the old fashioned way, over the air using an antenna.

ABC aired today’s Belgium–Argentina game, over the air, and in New York, I found the game on channel 7.1. Today’s late game, between Netherlands and Costa Rica, was on ESPN only so I had to find it on Univision’s broadcast channel. In New York, I had remembered that the channel was on 41 in the old analog days. I expected to find the digital channel on 41.1, but that’s not what you get in New York City. The Wikipedia article on WXTV had some information about the digital channel, but I had to get creative and search the proverbial dial. I found there were two feeds, one in 480-line SD and one in 1080-line HD.

Signal Channel
Standard Definition, 480 lines 68.2
High Definition, 1080 lines 40.1

As I’ve said before, we cord cutters need to stick together.

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