North Brooklyn and LIC on the Fireworks: “That’s It?”

The 2014 Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks from Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Everyone was excited about the fireworks coming to the East River after many years of being staged on the Hudson River. The streets of Long Island City were full of people heading towards Gantry State Park and LIC Landing to see the fireworks.

We didn’t stick around the neighborhood and headed to Greenpoint for a rooftop party. Many of the attendees were excited to finally see the fireworks from Brooklyn, which haven’t been able to do for several years. When the show started, a bit after 9:00 PM, the crowd reacted in disbelief to the show.

“That’s it?”

We could barely see the fireworks because all the barges were south of the Brooklyn Bridge. It even appeared that we were watching the Jersey City’s fireworks, but we were in fact watching New York City’s epic firework show. What a disappointment!

At least we didn’t pay as much as $125 to hardly see any fireworks.

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