How Much Do You Know About Internet Technology

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The Pew Research Center for Internet and American Life has published a quiz on Internet technology. The Center administered the quiz in September to a “nationally representative” sample in September 2014 and published a report based on those findings.

Today, they released the twelve-question quiz to the public. If you can spare a few moments, take the quiz yourself and see how you do.

I correctly answered 10 of the 12 questions. These are the are the ones I missed:

In my head, Moore’s Law was that the speed of computers processor would double approximately every eighteen months, or so. But I suppose that increase in speed is made possible due to cramming more transistors onto a chip.

I’m attributing this to a good, old-fashioned brain fart. I knew that Mark Zuckerberg went to Harvard and started Facebook there. After all, I saw the movie! But, for whatever reason, I answered MIT.

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