How Many College Grads Does it Take to Make Five Pourover Coffees at Once? None

I'm guessing this tech entrepreneur dropped out of college, as is their want.

I’m guessing this tech entrepreneur dropped out of college because that’s how they roll.

A few weeks ago, at the Jacob Javitts Center, one of every New Yorker’s least favorite favorite places to go in Manhattan, technology website Engadget staged the 2014 Expand Expo. It’s the poor man’s Tech Crunch Disrupt. The expo included a number of half-baked projects, more suitable for Kickstater, and a few very well-realized products, such as a personal LTE hotspot that is very reasonably priced. And there were a ton of virtual reality games, none of which seemed all that interesting.

One of the better products I saw there was the Pour Steady. It makes five cups of pourover coffee at a time. The brewer goes through all the steps of making a proper pourover, including wetting the filter, allowing the grounds to bloom, and pausing between each pour allowing hot water to thoroughly pass through the grounds.

It’s just another startup innovation that promises to deprecate human labor.

Update: Some of Pour Steady’s creators actually did finish their college degrees. Juan regrets the error.

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