A Limited List of Queens Trivia Nights, Ranked

In reverse order of difficulty and obscurity of questions:

  1. Ridgewood Ale House, Thursdays, 8:00
  2. Sek’end Sun, Mondays, 8:00
  3. The Local Hostel, Thursdays, 7:00
  4. Astoria Tavern, Tuesday, 8:00
  5. Strand Smokehouse, Tuesday, 8:00-ish

To be fair, none of these trivia nights were especially tricky. I’m basically splitting hairs here.

Sadly, the Local Hostel in Long Island City has apparently stopped their Thursday trivia night. I went a handful of times in 2014, but stopped once I left the neighborhood for fear that I’d run into my ex. Also, I usually teach Thursday nights.

Honorable mention: Amity Hall, Wednesday nights, for being difficult but only warrants a mention as it’s in Manhattan. It relies on a broad knowledge base. Bring friends.

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