The One Club’s “Here are all the Black People” on September 30, 2016

The One Club, a non-profit organization devoted to developing creative talent in the advertising industry is hosting its annual multicultural creative career fair, Here Are All the Black People, taking place on Friday, September 30th at The Times Center in New York City.

Although I’m a little confused about The One’s choice in using Cornel West waxing rhapsodically about love in the video above, I am pleased to see the culture industries finally acknowledging their failings in fostering multiculturalism on television, in movies, and in advertising. After all, organized and public protests, such as “Oscars so White,” brought attention to these issues and the industries have little choice but to respond.

I hope this event, and others like it, encourage underrepresented and marginalized peoples to enter these creative fields and effect change in these industries.

Interested students should sign up and attend this event and apply for a stipend to offset any expenses in attending.

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