2020 Hindsight: A Decade in Photos

A pile of spent confetti poppers lies on a hardwood floor signaling the end of a festive New Year's Day celebration.

By press time, it will be 2020 in most of the world. Pardon me if I seem a little unexcited about the coming of a new decade. After all, I lived through the year 2000—the turn of a century and a new millennium. And I was old enough to not only appreciate it, I went to three parties that night!

Ringing in a new decade in 2020 is, to me, like getting excited about Starbucks. “Oh, is this your first one?”

Although I’ve soured on just about all other social media, I’ve really been into posting Instagram Stories since the summer. I won’t explain all my reasons but I will say that I like that it remains a creative medium. I like telling stories through still images and concise text.

Last night, I got inspired to curate a Instastory—A Decade in Photos. Although there is a Highlight that is somewhat permanent, I am posting a gallery of the same photos here.

Happy New Year!

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