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Saddle Up and Wait!

Everyone’s favorite leather saddle company has launched their first non-leather saddle, the Cambium C–17, today. The saddle is made of rubber and cloth instead of cowhide leather, and it looks stunning.

Aside form a pre-launch splash page, where they solicited applications from people to receive a free tester, there were very few details about the product. Would it be available worldwide? Were any “Dealers of Excellence” selected to stock the saddle? How much is it going to cost? I was hoping to see it for sale somewhere in New York, and I even emailed a few places to ask if they were selling it at launch. Nope. The saddle is only available through their website for €145. Moreover, they are only manufacturing and shipping 300 of them by the end of July. After that, they’re shutting down production, taking their summer holiday, and resuming production in the fall, just in time for the end of cycling season in the Northern Hemisphere.