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Experimental Films at Japan Cuts 2015

The Japan Society is hosting its annual festival of new Japanese films. Japan Cuts starts this Thursday, July 9, and runs through Sunday, July 19. Much like the New York Film Festival, this festival devotes a program commemorates experimental filmmaking.

Mono No Aware x [+] (Plus) celebrates the work of two filmmaking organizations: New York’s Mono No Aware and Tokyo’s [+]. The program of films screens on Sunday, July 12, beginning at 8:45 PM, at the Japan Society.

Almost all of the films in the program will be screened in New York for the first time, and many of them will be screening publicly for the first time anywhere.

Here’s the complete list of films:

Title Filmmaker Year, Time, Format Synopsis Premiere
Mono No Aware Direct Filmmaking/Animation Workshop Films Various 2015. Approx. 8 min. 16mm. Various 16mm works from the participants of Mono No Aware’s Direct Filmmaking/Animation Workshop held at Japan Society on June 21. World Premiere
RELAY Steve Cossman 2014. 11 min. Super 8mm to HDV A moving-image document of the visual environment created by artist Ei Wada that emphasizes his grassroots approach to instrument making and reflects his concepts about performance as art. New York Premiere
Koropokkuru Akiko Maruyama 2015. 5 min. 16mm. A moving portrayal of an ineffable force that can be humanlike or embody itself within displayed objects. Inspired by concepts from the Koropokkuru folktale within Japanese Ainu culture and The Invisible Man. World Premiere
Louis Armstrong Obon Joel Schlemowitz 2015. 14 min. Super 8mm and HD to HDV. A portrait of Japanese jazz musicians Yoshio and Keiko Toyama as seen through their annual summer pilgrimage to the grave of Louis Armstrong in Flushing, Queens. World Premiere
EMBLEM Rei Hayama 2012. 16 min. 16mm to HDCAM. Video footage for the research of Japanese endangered species of raptors is turned into a decorative fiction film through the conversion process between video and film. New York Premiere
Stella Nova Ted Wiggin 2015. 4 min. 16mm. Red blue green, circle square triangle, dog star man. The life and death of a star. World Premiere
Emaki/Light Takashi Makino & Takashi Ishida 2011. 16 min. 35mm & 16mm to HDCAM. Drawing on film by Takashi Ishida; edit and telecine by Takashi Makino; music by Takashi Ishida & Takashi Makino. US Premiere
sound of a million insects, light of a thousand stars Tomonari Nishikawa 2014. 2 min. 35mm. 100 ft of 35mm negative film was buried under fallen leaves about 15 miles away from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station from the sunset of June 24, 2014 to sunrise the following day.
DUB HOUSE Experience in Material No.52 Kei Shichiri & Ryoji Suzuki 2012. 16 min. 35mm. Strict but exquisite evocation links two artistic disciplines and two visions of light and darkness. Architecture and film meet in the cinema. North American Premiere

Japan Cuts 2015: Mono No Aware x [+]

  • July 12, 2015
  • Japan Society, 333 E. 47th St, Manhattan
  • $10.00 – $13.00
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