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Congrats to Molly and Sam


Our friends Molly and Sam, who we met a few years ago through our mutual cycling interests, were married last week in a small, family ceremony in Albany. For their friends, they planned a more festive event in Brooklyn on Saturday. However, as you may have heard, New York City and the entire east coast was under a hurricane warning and because the entire mass transit system was shut down, they had to cancel their party. But in a stroke of good luck and with the help of some good friends, they moved up their party to Friday and held it at their friends’ apartment in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

Sarah and I were assigned to make chips and salsa for their original Saturday party, and because the party had been moved to Friday, we had to rush and make fresh salsa (pico de gallo, to be exact) for the festivities.  We had a blast at the party, although we had to leave my mom at home since she was stranded with the shutdown of the region’s airports. I inadvertently gave them a small wedding gift. I shot a ton of photos of the party and sent them high-res versions.


Congratulations to Molly and Sam. They are truly some of the greatest people I’ve ever met.

How Mom’s Visit Came Between an Earthquake and a Hurricane

My mom came to visit for a few days after not having come in over two years, and she seems to have come at a very interesting time as far as nature is concerned. On Tuesday, we had a 5.8 magnitude earthquake in Virginia that was felt all the way up in New York, although I didn’t feel a thing, and then this weekend, Hurricane Irene  is moving up the east coast, expecting to reach New York late Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

My mom was expecting to leave early Saturday morning, but when I was about to track her flight using the Flight Track iPhone application, I saw that all United flights out of JFK and LaGuardia airports were cancelled. This is going to create a huge backlog of passengers trying, and it might be several days before they clear that backlog, so I would expect my mom would be here for a few extra days, likely until Wednesday or Thursday. The irony is that I am supposed to fly out on Thursday.

Once it’s safe and assuming we have power and Internet, I’ll post some pictures of the “carnage.”

In the meantime, we will sit here with our flashlights, packs of batteries, bottles of water, loads of food, and a hand crank radio that doesn’t seem to have an internal battery, and we’ll wait.